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β€œMy name is Thania Kusmalinda, I am a passionate writer & also has a micro economics blog (talks about finance, investment, marketing, digital marketing, technology, etc) on – hope you read it too”

With my passion in writing and digital marketing, I am dedicated to write this blog. This blog is focusing on your daily lifestyle daily needs such as restaurants, fine dining, dinner places, malls, coffee shops, holiday (abroad or domestic), party in bars / clubbing, music & songs, movies you like, fashion, beauty, photography, videography, or art.

Because I love digital marketing (writing on blog is one of that aspects), I also write blog about digital marketing, the website is I don’t only write about digital marketing on there, but I also write about other microeconomics things such as accounting, finance, technology (IT), investment, and some business news.

However it is, enjoy to read ! πŸ˜€